Access to affordable energy resources is a critical component for the development and stabilization of any nation. Although a nascent natural gas and oil sector is developing, billions of dollars of hydrocarbon resources remain undeveloped, jeopardizing energy security as Afghanistan continues to be dependent on imported fuels and electricity. TFBSO works in partnership with the Afghan government to accelerate the development of the hydrocarbon sector, thereby increasing domestic oil and natural gas production. This not only provides the Afghan government with much-needed revenue, but also attracts private investors to business opportunities driven by the availability of these fuels.

Success Stories

In coordination with the Afghan Ministry of Mines, the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) has launched Afghanistan’s compressed natural gas (CNG) industry through the construction and commercialization of Afghanistan’s first CNG station, located in Sheberghan, Jawzjan Province. CNG is a cleaner, cheaper, domestically-produced alternative to imported petrol and diesel that increases Afghan energy security. The station, which has been operational since 14 May 2012, has resulted in unprecedented economic opportunity in a new industry and the creation of a domestic fuel economy independent of costly fuel imports. The station enables the monetization of domestic natural gas reserves, generating revenue for the Afghan government through Afghan Gas, and 50% cost savings for Afghan drivers.


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